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welcome to telugu bhakti, for all telugu devotees its a great opportunity to read, send the poems, songs, thoughts on foot of god with the full of devotion. It’s an enormous way to express your feelings, say thanks to god because of him we are happy in our life. We always thankful of him because he giving birth in this earth as a human being. So share bhakti , devotion with us.

God …., to whom we never see but like air we can feel him that he is always with us, he always see us and giving good thoughts for doing good work for our society, for our people. So we are giving you platform to you say thanks to god.

In this bhakti pages we are including telugu devotional prardhanas, Telugu devotional songs, pooja vidhis, telugu  devotional poems and stories.
ganapati prardana anjaneya swami
shivkeshavula pata keshavanamamulu
krishna ganam sri rama prardana
sri krishna prardana  
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